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    episode-episode film mickey mouse

    film kartun mickey mouse Tahun 1936-1940 Tahun 1936 * film kartun Mickey’s Polo Team * Orphan’s Picnic * Mickey’s Grand Opera * Thru the Mirror * film kartun Mickey’s Rival * Moving Day * Alpine Climbers * Mickey’s Circus * Donald & Pluto * film kartun Mickey’s Elephant Tahun 1937 * The Worm Turns * Magician Mickey * Moose Hunters * film Mickey’s Amateurs * film Hawaiian Holiday * Clock Cleaners * Lonesome Ghosts Tahun 1938 * Boat Builders * Mickey’s Trailer * The Whalers * Mickey’s Parrot * Brave Little Tailor Tahun 1939 * Society Dog Show - Last Mickey Mouse Dot-Eyes Cartoon. * Mickey’s Surprise Party * The Pointer * The Standard Parade Tahun 1940 * Tugboat Mickey * Pluto’s Dream House *film kartun Mr. Mous
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    Episode-episode film Mickey Mouse

    Episode Film Mickey Mouse Tahun 1928-1935 Tahun 1928 Plane Crazy - The first Mickey Mouse cartoon produced. Originally silent; sound was recorded and the film released after Steamboat Willie. First appearance of Mickey, Minnie, and Clarabelle Cow. The Gallopin’ Gaucho - The second Mickey Mouse produced. Originally silent, sound was recorded and the film was released after Steamboat Willie. First cartoon where Mickey wears shoes, and first where he confronts Pegleg Pete. Steamboat Willie - First Mickey Mouse cartoon released. Third produced. First Mickey Mouse to feature sound. Tahun 1929 The Barn Dance The Opry House When The Cat’s Away The Barnyard Battle The Plow Boy Kemunculan pertama dari Horace Horsecollar. The Karnival Kid Episode dimana Mickey berbicara pertama


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