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24 Nov 2011

film kartun mickey mouse

mickey nd friends

Tahun 1936-1940

Tahun 1936

* film kartun Mickey’s Polo Team
* Orphan’s Picnic
* Mickey’s Grand Opera
* Thru the Mirror
* film kartun Mickey’s Rival
* Moving Day
* Alpine Climbers
* Mickey’s Circus
* Donald & Pluto
* film kartun Mickey’s Elephant

Tahun 1937

* The Worm Turns
* Magician Mickey
* Moose Hunters
* film Mickey’s Amateurs
* film Hawaiian Holiday
* Clock Cleaners
* Lonesome Ghosts

Tahun 1938

* Boat Builders
* Mickey’s Trailer
* The Whalers
* Mickey’s Parrot
* Brave Little Tailor
Tahun 1939

* Society Dog Show - Last Mickey Mouse Dot-Eyes Cartoon.
* Mickey’s Surprise Party
* The Pointer
* The Standard Parade

Tahun 1940

* Tugboat Mickey
* Pluto’s Dream House
*film kartun Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
* The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Tahun 1941-1999

little mickey

Tahun 1941

The Little Whirlwind
A Gentleman’s Gentleman
Canine Caddy
The Nifty Nineties
Orphan’s Benefit (remake)
Lend A Paw (Academy Award Winning-Short With An Oscar) - Last Mickey Mouse Cartoon Instead of “Silly Symphony” In Technicolor.

Tahun 1942

Mickey’s Birthday Party
Symphony Hour

Tahun 1943

Pluto & The Armadillo

Tahun 1946

Squatter’s Rights

Tahun 1947

Mickey and the Beanstalk - Segment in the feature film Fun and Fancy Free
Mickey’s Delayed Date

Tahun 1948

Film Mickey Down Under
Mickey & The Seal

Tahun 1951

R’Coon Dawg

Tahun 1952

Pluto’s Party
Pluto’s Christmas Tree

Tahun 1953

Last short Mickey Mouse theatrical cartoon.
Tahun 1983

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Tahun 1990

The Prince and the Pauper - Last Mickey, Donald & Goofy In Mickey Mouse Cartoon.

Tahun 1995

Runaway Brain

Tahun 1999

film The Nutcracker part of Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

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