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18 Nov 2011

Episode Film Mickey Mouse

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Tahun 1928-1935

Tahun 1928

Plane Crazy - The first Mickey Mouse cartoon produced. Originally silent; sound was recorded and the film released after Steamboat Willie. First appearance of Mickey, Minnie, and Clarabelle Cow.
The Gallopin’ Gaucho - The second Mickey Mouse produced. Originally silent, sound was recorded and the film was released after Steamboat Willie. First cartoon where Mickey wears shoes, and first where he confronts Pegleg Pete.
Steamboat Willie - First Mickey Mouse cartoon released. Third produced. First Mickey Mouse to feature sound.

Tahun 1929

The Barn Dance
The Opry House
When The Cat’s Away
The Barnyard Battle
The Plow Boy Kemunculan pertama dari Horace Horsecollar.
The Karnival Kid Episode dimana Mickey berbicara pertama kali.
Mickey’s Follies Kemunculan pertama dari Patricia Pig.
Mickey’s Choo-Choo
The Jazz Fool
Wild Waves
Jungle Rhythm
Haunted House

Tahun 1930

Fiddling Around
The Barnyard Concert
The Cactus Kid
The Fire Fighters
The Shindig
The Chain Gang First appearance of Pluto.
The Gorilla Mystery First appearance of Beppo the Gorilla.
The Picnic
Pioneer Days
Minnie’s Yoo Hoo

Tahun 1931

The Birthday Party
Traffic Troubles
The Castaway
The Moose Hunt
The Delivery Boy
Mickey Steps Out
Blue Rhythm
Fishin’ Around
The Barnyard Broadcast
The Beach Party
Mickey Cuts Up
Mickey’s Orphans
Tahun 1932

The Duck Hunt
The Grocery Boy
The Mad Dog
Barnyard Olympics
Mickey’s Revue First appearance of Goofy.
Musical Farmer
Mickey In Arabia
Mickey’s Nightmare
Trader Mickey
Touchdown Mickey
The Wayward Canary
The Whoopee Party
The Klondike Kid
Parade of The Award Nominees - First appearance of Mickey Mouse In Color.
Mickey’s Good Deed
mickey-minnieTahun 1933

Building A Building
The Mad Doctor
Mickey’s Pal Pluto - First appearance of Pluto’s Devil & Pluto’s Angel.
Mickey’s Mellerdrammer
Ye Olden Days
The Mail Pilot
Mickey’s Mechanical Man
Mickey’s Gala Premiere
Puppy Love
The Pet Store
The Steeplechase

Tahun 1934

Camping Out
Playful Pluto
Gulliver Mickey
Mickey’s Steamroller
Orphan’s Benefit - First appearance by Donald Duck in a Mickey cartoon. First cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy all in the same cartoon, though not performing as a team.
Mickey Plays Papa
The Dognapper
Two-Gun Mickey
Tahun 1935

Mickey’s Man Friday
The Band Concert - First Mickey Mouse cartoon in color (Silly Symphony cartoons had previously been made in color).
Mickey’s Service Station First cartoon with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy acting as a team.
Mickey’s Kangaroo - Last Black & White Mickey Mouse cartoon.
Mickey’s Garden
Mickey’s Fire Brigade
Pluto’s Judgment Day
On Ice

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